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TripTek Troubleshooting Guide

Oil Can or Wrench in upper portion of screen:
If an oil can is displayed on any screen or Engine Maintenance is blinking on the CHECK LIST, a maintenance item needs attention. Refer to the information on Maintenance in your owners manual on how to clear the blinking can as well as setting up your intervals for service.

TripTek resets the data on the Today, Leg or Trip screen without notice:
Contact us for further information.

Keypad buttons do not work, or skip multiple screens when pressed once:
Contact us to arrange getting a new keypad.

TripTek text jumps or jitters on the screen:
Make sure the grounds to the TripTek are the same grounds shared by the back up monitor, as close to the monitor as possible. For further information on this, contact us.

TripTek is stuck on Initialize Screen:
TripTek has lost communication with the engine ECM. Have the data link checked by a service center.



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