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What engines are compatible with TripTek?
Any electronically controlled diesel pusher manufactured since about 1999 will work with the TripTek. There are some engines produced before 1999 that may work as well. Check with your coach manufacturer to see if your engine is electronic.

Will TripTek work on my gasoline powered motor home?
No. We only work with electronic diesel engines at this time. Keep checking with us though, we are planning on addressing this issue in the future.

Who can install my TripTek that I just bought?
Virtually any full service RV service center can install your TripTek. Or, you can do it yourself.

Is it easy enough to install myself?
If you understand basic electrical concepts, and know how to work a digital multi-meter, you should be able to install it yourself.

What monitors will TripTek display on?
We have harnesses for most of the monitors used in the last few years by all the top coach manufacturers. Contact us directly to see if your monitor is supported.

Do I need to install an additional display or box?
No! That is what makes TripTek truly unique. We display all of our data directly on the monitor you currently have in your coach. There is no need for an additional display or having to keep your laptop running. We have a patent on the technology to display our text “picture on picture” right over the view on your rear vision display.




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